Welcome to the Addictions Services Guide

The focus of this website is on services provided in Calgary and area; however, a few of the major service providers from other areas have been included.  More information on services provided in areas such as Ponoka, Lethbridge, or Medicine Hat can be found by contacting services in those locations directly.

What were the intentions in compiling this inventory?

  • This inventory is meant to reflect the array of services available in order to meet the needs of people with addiction and associated mental health issues
  • This inventory is intended to be used by the general public as well as service providers

How was the information gathered?

  • Each organization listed in this inventory was consulted directly and provided the information contained in this inventory.
  • Each organization will be contacted on a yearly basis to update the information. 

How is this inventory organized?

Inventory of Addiction Services

The inventory of addiction services details information on the various types of services available in Calgary and surrounding areas.  These services range from Health Promotion and Illness Prevention to mutual aid.

The objectives in categorizing services in this manner were to:
  1. provide a comprehensive overview of services available;
  2. assist with strategic planning by identifying gaps in services; and
  3. provide assistance in accessing and navigating the system of services available for both the public and healthcare professionals.

Addictions Treated by Service Providers

The section on addictions treated by service providers, supplies information on the specific addiction each organization treats. 

Detailed Service Provider Information

This section details information on each individual organization.


This section outlines the definitions used in determining which services each organization provides, and where their services most appropriately fit on the continuum of care.

Continuous improvement

The purpose of this website is to provide an inventory of major addiction services; it is intended to be a resource.  However, given the frequency of changes in the field, it should be noted that this is a work in progress.   As such, please find an evaluation form on this website.  In order to ensure that the information in this document is useful, any comments or suggestions that you may have will be most helpful.  We urge you to complete the evaluation and submit it online. 

If you would like to request a hard copy of the Addiction Services Guide, please contact us .

The Calgary Addiction Initiative Steering Committee does not endorse any one particular perspective on addiction treatment.  While the information at the date of the last revision was current there may be inaccuracies after that date, as changes may have occurred in the organizations.

Date Last Revised: October 15, 2008